Offshore financial self liquidating loan services

In this way, loss from interest payments to the foreign bank will be reduced to zero.The bank returns the received interest to the offshore company minus a commission charge.People who fall for these schemes almost deserve to lose their money because they are inherently lazy and greedy.

I can assure you that, after conning you, the scam artists get together in bars and restaurants and have a jolly, good laugh at your expense.

It is all rather sad." David Marchant, Editor, Offshore Business, scams arise from how the concepts are implemented and the claims that the promoters make regarding the benefits that are available with various structures and concepts. litigation system and to do business on an international scale.

They may characterize the transactions as the best-kept secret in the banking industry, and assert that, if asked, bank and regulatory officials would deny knowledge of such instruments.

Investors may be asked to sign nondisclosure agreements.

There are entirely legal concepts and structures that can be used to have access to investments not available in the U. To a limited extent, there are some offshore concepts that also offer tax deferral or tax exemption.