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Robert had been a nightmare to live with for two months since he'd been warned that his was one of countless jobs at risk of redundancy.

'Property professionals have been hit hard by the recession.

As time goes on, the more western society takes a sledgehammer to the traditional family model.

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In fact, he says, stroking the arms of J, “I love my wife to bits.” J is sitting beside him on a chaise longue, wearing an elaborate Venetian mask, and isn’t R’s wife.

“I don’t like the idea of anyone getting hurt,” R says. “I only deceive my wife in ways she wants to be deceived.” R, 41, met J — neither of them want to use their real names — on Illicit Encounters, a website for married people looking to have affairs.

There’s a murky shade of grey that's become the new normal.

Still, unless you’re one of these new-fangled polyamorous types or old school, biblical bigamists, being cheated on will always feel like a drop kick to the heart.

They’re unlikely to sit around and be the housewife. We used to be the most controversial thing on the internet for a while.