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Agreeing to a medical examination does not obligate you to pursue legal action.

Once any other College official learns of a sexual harassment or misconduct complaint, written or unwritten, the College may be required by law to investigate it and to take action consistent with the law and with the College’s policies and procedures.

Within the requirements of such laws and policy, confidentiality will be observed as much as possible.

Any attempt by a member of the College community to penalize, intimidate, or retaliate in any way against a person because he or she makes a report or complaint of sexual harassment, or who is otherwise involved in a sexual harassment investigation or hearing, is prohibited.

Any person who believes that he or she has been retaliated against should immediately contact the Title IX Coordinator (Senior Vice President for Strategic Initiatives David Rees, 802-440-4302, office location Barn 125).

Staff members at the College will ensure your privacy and do their best to respect the need for confidentiality.