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Ghislaine Maxwell also denies the allegations and says that she plans to take legal action against a number of British newspapers.)After he hung up the phone, Perkins assembled a crisis team consisting of senior Palace officials and lawyers.

Many of these were old hands at dealing with Andrew’s indiscretions.

At the time, the Palace has denied claims that Prince Andrew had sex 17-year-old Virginia Roberts who alleges that she was serving as a "sex-slave" to the Duke of York's close friend, insiders claimed that Prince Charles had shut out his brother entirely for fears of being associated with the damaging allegations."Charles considers the whole sex scandal degrading, damaging and very embarrassing," a friend of a prominent royal family member told the "He thinks that his brother has made some very bad decisions but he has said nothing to Andrew, he simply hasn't communicated with him at all.

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And as the years went by, royal insiders believe Prince Andrew grew more and more jealous of the privileges bestowed upon his older brother, aka the direct heir to the throne, and his two sons.

As Prince William and Prince Harry turned into global superstars, the Duke of York felt the resources given to his girls paled in comparison.

On a snowy Friday afternoon last February, Ed Perkins received an urgent phone call in his ground-floor office at Buckingham Palace.

Perkins has the thankless task of serving as press secretary to the Queen’s wayward second son, His Royal Highness Prince Andrew, Duke of York.

But behind the newly-engaged couple's elated smiles lies a long-running rumoured rift between Princess Eugenie's father Prince Andrew, 57, and his older brother Prince Charles, 69, which will no doubt play into the two upcoming royal weddings.