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Brian Freidman, who is responsible for some of Britney Spears' most iconic dance routines, recently opened up about the singer's upcoming Femme Fatale tour, and revealed that even though he won't be directing the dancing in the concert, a lot of his signature moves will be featured, and she'll most likely be performing the following: are options! We think people would be very understanding about the choreography if they knew it was because of the complications with her knee!

Tags: brian friedman, choreographer, concert tour, dancing, femme fatale, hold it against me, how i roll, i i i wanna go, injury, insider, insurance, leak, new single, till the world ends, tour So he could find the next Britney himself.

Today, choreographer Brian Friedman, along with his partner producer Chan Andre, launched a search to find six incredible new artists to develop them into superstars.

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