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The battle for sexual hegemony illustrated in the burrito incident is plainly mirrored by a larger context, i.e., the European domination and desecration of the native peoples and landscapes of the New World.

Is there a more powerful symbol of rapacious imperialism than the taco?

After all, it's only fitting to pair the powerful flavor of the Steak Quesarito with the world's most powerful console. By texting the short code, you are providing your signed consent to receive autodialed text messages related to the promotion. Like: -- Follow: @Taco Bell (Twitter), tacobell (Instagram) and tacobell (Snapchat) -- Subscribe: You – Explore: View original content with multimedia: Taco Bell Corp.

Whether you're a gaming fan, a Taco Bell fan, or just hoping to get lucky, start counting down the days until .

Taco Bell and Xbox first partnered to launch the original Xbox in 2001, and are returning to their roots with this promotion to launch the Xbox One X.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Like all good Texans, we did not quite know how to react when favorite son Willie Nelson showed up on our television screen as a pitchman for Taco Bell.

The ad—titled “Rose Tattoo”—was tantalizing, but its ultimate meaning seemed elusive.

The shredded lettuce that so cruelly garnishes this heap of mangled flesh can be nothing other than the felled trees and uprooted prairie grasses of a once-verdant continent.