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These days, she doesn't go in for photo shoots, but you can clearly see the woman who set some famous hearts swooning, from George Lucas to Jerry Brown, the once and current governor of California who "just came over Christmas Eve," she says. Souther, the country-rock songwriting icon who helped the Eagles' career take flight."We had a passionate relationship, which we saw we couldn't keep under one roof, but our musical friendship remained intact," she says, noting that two recently met for dinner in Washington, D. In the recently released documentary, History of the Eagles, Don Henley thanks Ronstadt — who appears in the film often — for letting the band leave her employ with good wishes."I knew they were good, and you don't stand in the way of somebody's dream," she says. "I have a TV, but I don't really know how to work it."But what she does have are great tales by the crate-load.

"I have to make sure there's a place like this, to lie down.

Or I have to take a wheelchair, but I can't last that long in a wheelchair."While she is pleased by the Rock Hall honor, Ronstadt makes it clear that she doesn't consider most of her early work to be that good."I'm grateful, but it's astounding to me that people like (the early hits, such as You're No Good or Blue Bayou)," she says. I'll hear it and go, 'I don't know why I thought I could sing, I never could sing, I never should have been singing,' " she says, then laughs. I could write you a long list."Atop that list would be her conviction that in those early days her sense of rhythm was subpar.

The singers have collaborated on two blockbuster duets 'All of My Life' and 'Don't Know Much.' Linda Ronstadt applauds during the Berklee College of Music Commencement in Boston, May 9, 2009.

She received an honorary doctorate for her achievements and influence in music and contributions to American and international culture.

Linda Ronstadt possessed one of the great voices of her generation, but the singer says listening to her early work only makes her cringe.