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Account card processing validating credit cards

Following is the behaviour: Warning: If "100.5555" is not returned, the Transaction was NOT in Transaction Processing Test Mode, and was processed live. In order to simulate a set of Transaction Statuses, the following two fields are required: At times, it may be required to simulate the system not responding to the client application for an extended period of time.

The client application must specify that a timeout value of n seconds by using the field.

Methods to retrieve data from the Payment Processing API require a GET request. API methods that require a particular HTTP method will return an error if you do not make your request using the correct method. Some API methods take optional or requisite parameters.

Two things to keep in mind when making requests with parameters: Because the Payment Processing API is based on open standards, you can use any web development language to access the API. Users are authenticated using basic authentication over SSL enabled channel.

The value of n should be more than the client application's timeout setting.