Episcopal priests dating and marrying

A small number already exist, most of whom were Anglican priests who converted. Monsignor Erwin Krautler, the secretary of the Episcopal Commission and prelate of Xingu in northern Brazil, suggested ordaining women deacons as priests to adress with the shortage.

They are thought to be less prone to the scandalous child sex abuse that has been repeatedly discovered among celibate Catholic priests.

Are these and similar perceptions true or imagined?

A minute later I felt a tap on my shoulder.“Is there a book I could recommend him,” whispered Father Garcia, “that would answer his questions about married priests? To be sure, no Catholic priest, once ordained, is ever permitted to marry, but married men have some­times been permitted to receive ordination as Catholic priests.

At some periods in the long history of the Catholic Church, the ordination of married men appears to have been relatively common, though how common and for how long is a matter of historical dispute.

Most of all, this small group of married priests raises large and important questions about Catholic faith and policy for many, both Catholic and non-Catholic.

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