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Example 54.78656326403332,-50.09193846025951 51.20574574139643,-31.559024005924392 48.4203450238013,-12.998336645829609 45.85491943219788,5.57000444208618 43.19937665770624,24.135158655763025 40.044971936186634,42.68280248541986 38.50355532538929,49.84326030061438 38.53129884465536,49.845207013547224 40.06934290325555,42.68451022431186 43.21903945805716,24.13653428810218 45.87295686415376,5.571265771529057 48.438767344855485,-12.997048263813937 51.22679482714953,-31.55755075104193 54.81444766176902,-50.0899817427687 54.78656326403332,-50.09193846025951 A couple of parameters used in search expect a date range as input.

For example, the parameter "temporal" used in collection and granule searches and the parameter "equator_crossing_longitude" used in granule searches both accept date ranges.

The UMM JSON response contains meta-metadata of the collection and the UMM fields.

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The HTML response format is supported for collections.

It allows a single collection record to be viewed in a web browser.

See under Temporal Range searches for different ways of specifying the temporal bounds including ISO 8601.

For temporal range search, the default is inclusive on the range boundaries.

Scrolling allows the retrieval of all results of a query in an efficient manner.