Migrating 2016 to 2016 updating simple url dns

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The problem is that while we now know that Google passes Page Rank though 302s, we still have a few issues. To this end, they announced a small rankings boost to encourage sites to make the switch.

Namely: Here’s the thing about HTTPS migrations: they’re complicated. The problem was that a lot of webmasters weren’t willing to trade a tiny rankings boost for the 15% loss in link equity they would experience by 301 redirecting their entire site.

Redirecting your popular Taylor Swift fan page to your affiliate marketing page selling protein powder is likely dead in the water.

In fact, Glenn Gabe recently uncovered evidence that Google treats redirects to irrelevant pages as soft 404s.

It’s been over a year since we migrated Moz.com, and we’re glad we did, but there were lots of moving parts in play and the potential for lots of things to go wrong.