Dead end dating series

He loved staying up late watching trippy movies like Richard Linklater's and talking about the nature of reality.

"We wanted them outside playing." Taking a cue from his parents, Ulbricht was an entrepreneurial kid, selling ice pops and magazine subscriptions door to door.

By high school, "Rossman," as he was known to his friends, had become an easygoing and fun-loving Austin hipster, skateboarding with friends, one of whom shaved Ulbricht's hair into a mohawk on a whim.

Ulbricht spent hours doodling monsters in notebooks and was more interested in painting miniatures for the fantasy board game Warhammer than playing video games.

"We didn't want our kids on the computer," says Kirk.

He was said to be as grandiose as he was cold-blooded, championing freedom while ordering hits on those who crossed him.