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One night, a guy I met showed interest in volunteering with me, so we exchanged numbers in order to get together to make phone calls for the campaign.Long story short: We fell in love, Obama won, and..eventually broke up.

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“On the other hand, people find a lot of necessary comfort and relief in these types of relationships, and I think a lot of people understand they're likely to be temporary.”For Jake, though, that temporary factor doesn’t always hold true.

Once campaigners get into the political network, they’re regularly attending the same rallies and conventions year after year, so it’s likely that people will run into their political fling again.“It’s sort of like camp, you’re sneaking into each other’s rooms, but you don’t just say goodbye at the end of the summer,” he says.

When I saw him on the trail, however, he was virtually unrecognizable. But here’s the deal: If you love someone, the emotional aspect of the relationship far outweighs the physical.

He'd lost over 35 pounds, had a long, mangled beard, sunken cheeks and walked with a slow, unbalanced shuffle. The f*cked up thing is that people often "joke" about leaving their partners if they “let themselves go” physically.

Ladies, let’s be honest with ourselves: We usually have very specific expectations in mind about what romance is "supposed" to look and feel like.