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Mia and Sebastian are a dazzling couple when they dance, but not when they do much else.They overdress to go to the movies and guilt each other into being more ambitious.

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The movie doesn’t give us a dramatic “I choose me” monologue; it has the good manners to just to let the main characters be quietly selfish.

Besides, that kind of big declaration wouldn’t fit in this movie, which hints throughout its run time that the two leads weren’t exactly made for each other.

Alessia Cara Khalid Lil Uzi Vert Julia Michaels SZA Who should win: This is a tough category for sure. Kendrick has a great shot, but will Tyler, the Creator sneak in for the win?

Partly because these are new artists so they don’t have as much of a reputation to fall back on. Or, will the Grammy turn towards JAY-Z for consistency? “Bodak Yellow” — Cardi B “Chase Me” — Danger Mouse feat. Also Cardi B is a dumpster fire so that’s a hard no for me. J.” Is an incredible song and has a great shot up against “HUMBLE.” One of those two will win.

That final breakup is also a breaking of the mold; La La Land is fashioned after Old Hollywood musicals, most of which make sure to pair the guys and girls off just right.