Failed updating entry in message tracking store in msgid

changes to single-valued attributes that result in the attribute containing multiple values, is less important as long as it is reasonable and results in schema compliant entries.

rules for dating my daughter book - Failed updating entry in message tracking store in msgid

This causes the entire operation to fail and results in divergence. Attr Historical Single looks broken, not only in this case, but also in others.

For example, the code that replays ADDs looks broken: In the case where we are replaying an ADD which is newer than the previous delete (note: a null CSN is older than all other CSNs) and older than the previous ADD results in a conflict which is correct, but the change should be thrown away.

This applies only when the LB algorithm is sending Open AM to different DJ servers all the time.

Due to this the Open AM docs now have some strong advice to encourage using a primary/failover LB algorithm so that all the operations are only hitting one server at a time.

For example, imagine the following 5 operations are sent to Server A and processed in this order (these are all against the same entry): On Server B it receives these same operations via replication and replays them, but if this all happened very quickly (and perhaps Server B is under certain load conditions) I think they can be picked up in parallel and may not happen in exactly the same order.