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First announced during Super Bowl CCXIX on Earth, the movie made a total of around 13.3 billion credits on its opening weekend, and hindered productivity across Citadel Space because most workers either had seen or were seeing the film.

Nekyia Corridor went on to surpass some of the galaxy's top-grossing simulstims, including the asari classic Confederates.

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Elcor Hamlet continues to be performed until 2186, with its director announcing plans to move on to a Macbeth production featuring krogan talent as the lead.

A film acknowledged as a masterpiece of gothic horror.

Fleet and Flotilla holds some appeal among turians and quarians.

In 2185, A turian in Eternity asks his potential quarian date to see this movie with him.

Pathfinder Ryder obtains a banned version on Kadara without scenes filmed for the hanar market.

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    They were not classically handsome – in fact, many of them were fat and balding.

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    Background The attention for Teen Dating Violence (TDV) as a special and early form of Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) has grown internationally.