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All JK Stencils has the high-quality metal from JK. The original finish is in good shape overall; the photos show the wear.

This is the TONE KING model design, and the early era with Rolled Tone Holes.

This is a name that is rarely if ever used in saxophone circles as far as I am aware, but it is what Conn called them through at least 1950. "Naked Lady" refers to the style of engraving that often appeared on the instruments. margaret Downie-Banks, an acknowledged expert on all things Elkhart-Conn, insists that the presence or absence of a so-called "Naked Lady" engraving or the degree of naked-ness has absolutely no relation to the instrument in terms of quality or otherwise.

In saxophone circles these are often referred to as either "M" models or "Naked Lady" models (q.v.). The "Standard" models are those with one-sided bell keys. These "Naked Lady" engravings are usually found on "Standard" series saxophones, hence the incorrect idea that the engraving signifies that model and/or a better built instrument.

D, previously owned by Peter Ponzol (with documentation), and the famous SML sound that people crave. Serial # 268,xxx, built…Read More$4,600.00 - (Special Consignment - plays good, original pads) COLLECTOR ALERT! Notable mentions: one resolder (neck support braces--very well done), minor dings removed from bow, bell lip wear on…Read More$1,999.00 - This is a nice 400 model made about a year after the Selmer takeover ser. The finish is original and to me, looks very handsome.