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Tohru and Uncle soon used a Reversal spell to remove Drago from the Earth.

Caught on the edge of the hole to oblivion, Drago pleads to his father for help, saying he was sorry.

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He has four fingers and a thumb, and is the same size a human adult opposed to a large dragon, which makes him much more "human" than his father.

However, after Drago absorbs all 8 demon chi powers in the final episode, he is shown to be approximately the same height as Shendu.

During the search for the chi he failed many times thanks to the J-team, and eventually Drago lost his fire powers.

When all eight chi were found, Drago kidnapped Jackie Chan, Captain Black and Uncle to ransom for the Chi containment unit.

In the future, when Jade is put in charge of Section 13, Drago was the number one on their most wanted list.