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When guest co-host Peter Doocy said, “Yeah, then photos of drunk relatives,” Abby smiling asserted, “No, those are grea[t]: I think that’s a, I think that’s a yes! ” Joining in Abby’s schadenfreude, meteorologist Rick Reichmuth responded, “Seriously, I think that is fair game! I think that’s fair game.” Gesticulating toward her sadly sympathetically concurring colleague, Abby coldly asserted, “If they’re going to be drunk and act that way, you can film them!

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So, as we’ve seen with powdered caffeine that were like twenty times more potent than a regular cup of coffee, this could also be extremely dangerous….

Now, if it really is that powerful, it can affect your liver [and] it can effect your pancreas, and the last thing you need is for teenagers to get into this kind of trouble…[which]…could be irreversible.” As a cautionary conclusion, Dr.

As the show started with a tease for a “new website helping you find love at the airport,” Gretchen cooed, “I hate to bring it up so early in the morning but there have been a lot of jokes about hooking up on airplanes.” Feigning innocence, she said, “You know, there’s that club so I’m just wondering if that’s what they’re talking about with this dating site.” Chuckling racily, she added, “If you’re married, you’re going to hate this dating site because there could be a lot of other kind of hookups with married people traveling.” An hour later, when the second hour began, Brian “innocently” promoted a similarly salacious segment, saying, “It’s the story you’ll be talking about all day. But, we’re just going to, I’m just going to keep it going.” Chiming in deftly, Steve exclaimed, “Good idea! Tags: Brian Kilmeade, FNC, Fox & Friends, Fox and Friends, Fox News, Gretchen Carlson, Peter Doocy, Shania Twain, Steve Doocy Posted in Brian Kilmeade, Cable news beauties, FNC, Fox & Friends, Fox and Friends, Fox News, Gretchen Carlson, Peter Doocy, Pop Culture, Steve Doocy | 6 Comments » headline news story about a Utah high school that decided against choosing the “cougar [the cat] as a mascot because it [didn’t] want to offend another kind of cougar.”* In fact, she was “outraged.” During the , you know Courtney Cox plays an older woman who dates younger men, Gretchen whooped, “Alright! ” Shrugging her shoulder and smiling coyly, Gretchen insisted, “I mean I don’t act on it but I’m a cougar.” Tweaking a randy Gretchen, Brian jested, “Right, I know: Casey’s 29.

More and more men say they’ll never get married because women aren’t women anymore…. ” Always the wicked wag, Brian jested, “And Steve and I looked down and we didn’t put on bras. ” Laughing, Gretchen bawdily responded, “You put on a cup! ” Naughtily, Gretchen concluded, “You should just wear it just in case: That’s why I wear the underwire [bra].” As Steve segued to his more “naive” son Peter Doocy for the next segment, Gretchen lustily laughed, “I know you’re chuckling, Peter, because you didn’t hear any of that first part of the conversation. ” When Brian elaborated that some parents and school board members were consequently for another mascot, the bawdy former Miss America exclaimed, “Oh, come on! This is something brand new.” While chuckling at Brian’s playful but, perhaps, untimely reminder of her middle-aged hubby Casey Close, Gretchen protested, “I just mean in age alone–not that I’m gonna act on it.” Crouching cougar: Hidden Carlson?

Gretchen’s gonna punch me in a second.” In response, Gretchen remarked, “Not at all! ” Beaming, Brian retorted, “Yeah, yeah, absolutely! * Tags: Bian Kilmeade, Casey Close, cougar, Cougar Town, Courtney Cox, FNC, Fox & Friends, Fox and Friends, Fox News, Gretchen Carlson, Miss America, Peter Doocy, Saved by the Bell Posted in Brian Kilmeade, Cable news beauties, FNC, Fox & Friends, Fox and Friends, Fox News, Gretchen Carlson, Peter Doocy, Pop Culture | 2 Comments » guest co-host Juliet Huddy put out her welcome mat to America’s sailors seeking some “r & r” in the Big Apple this week. ”* Smiling knowingly, Gregg replied, “They would have loved to have seen you.” Coyly, she tittered, “I’m just kidding.” Subsequently, after Peter’s report which included a high-tech female robot, Gregg randily remarked, “She is actually quite attractive.