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I recommend performing a trace during the package execution in PROD.

Confirm your successsful connections and the sql being passed.

An example so I can make this clear: I add a column to a destination table on all three systems.

I update the package while it's pointing to DEV to reflect the change, and then deploy. Then I update the connection manager to point to UAT, and deploy the changed package there.

To try to address this problem, I added an expression for the Server Name property on the Connection Manager to be determined by System:: Machine Name, thinking that the problem was that changing the Connection Manager on the machine I'm developing on immediately triggered a check of the objects there, even with Delay Validation turned on. I can't find much info about this online, to determine if it's expected behavior with SSDT 2012 or something I'm doing incorrectly or a genuine bug. Honestly, you shouldn't be editing the package to point to another environment before deploying it.