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History might have recorded the events on the Flannan Isles as simply the wild Atlantic Ocean claiming the lives of three more men.

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Captain Harvey, the master of the Hesperus, then decided that Moore had to remain at the lighthouse while he returned to the mainland for help.

On 29 December, the ship returned bringing Superintendent Robert Muirhead, who ordered a rigorous search.

He also praised showrunner Kate Oates for giving the character freedom to become so diabolical, saying: "I knew the quality of writers that we have here, even in that short stint at the beginning. "That’s where you see the danger." It seems that poor Mc Intyre will have to put up with far more awkward fan encounters in the street between now and the day his soap creation finally ends his reign of terror.

As they lowered a rowing boat and prepared a landing party they fired a rocket high into the cold sky. The Flannan lighthouse stands on Eilean Mor, one of the Flannan Isles.

CORRIE star Connor Mc Intyre has confirmed his evil alter-ego Pat Phelan will get his just desserts - following the shock double killing in tonight's episodes.

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    I see from time to time older Romanian movies where I observe not that much the lack of technical means in the 70s or 80s, but more the lack of capacity of the directors to compensate this disadvantages with simplicity of concept and turn them into quality as other directors from less privileged schools of cinema have done.

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