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She also said she wouldn't date a man who wore jewellery or had a hairy back.

Meanwhile, my doctor tells me that she is worried her 30-something daughter will never settle down. An ex-pat, he was smart and curious, creative, and clever.

We drank wine in a student bar, our chat drowned out by a bad singer plucking a guitar. According to his online profile, he was a professional who had published a book. A few years younger than me, he had a full head of hair and twinkling blue eyes. With a head office in Germany, the online dating site promises that 91 per cent of its candidates have a university degree. An unemployed smoker with a rat's tail, a cowboy hat and a leather waistcoat sent me a smile, asking if we could chat.

Despite the gains we have made in all other areas, are we supposed to lie back and wait for men to come to us, to send the first text, to initiate the next move?

Mr AB brings me flowers and I am glowing with excitement. I wouldn't say that women are more fussy – more that they are discriminating, and why shouldn't they be?