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However, the Orthodox Church very seldom addresses sex directly, except where it goes wrong--which is how the Orthodox Church deals with just about everything: The Church does not multiply dogma unless there is a need.

Saints with children are Saints who are having sex, and if they have a lot of children into their old age, then they are probably enjoying lots of sex for a long time, but obviously that is not what you want to focus on if you are a monk writing for other monks. It has not been at all uncommon in the Church that married people have stopped having sex--not because the pleasure is bad, but because the freedom from responsibility for children is more desirable than the desire for sexual pleasure.

The parents (or one of the parents) of many of the saints are also saints. Joachim and Anna, and Zachariah and Elizabeth) for example.

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Russia, Ukraine, Serbia, Belarus, Egypt, Ethiopia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Macedonia, Moldova and Montenegro continue to celebrate Christmas on January 7.

Many Orthodox and western Christmas traditions are the same, like Christmas trees, gift giving and carols.

"Whereas in the east, in the Orthodox church, that's a time of preparation and the celebration really starts from Christmas and goes onwards." For most Orthodox Christians, Christmas is the beginning of celebrations after 40 days of fasting.

"Those who observe [the nativity fast] don't eat meat or dairy foods for that period," Father Morozow said.

Father Morozow expects that one day all the Orthodox churches will update their calendars, but for now he said celebrating Christmas on January 7 had its benefits.

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