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Also, activities and games in the gymnasium, crafts, and take home a party favor gift bag. “Now, consider that beyond the tractors and plow trucks, Dan and his staff will shovel and salt stairwells and walkways continuously, all day, sometimes for more than 12 hours at a time.

In these exhausting activities Dan is often seen working right alongside his staff, while simultaneously directing the efforts of a dozen grounds staff all over campus.” Dryja’s ability to skillfully balance his time “in the trenches” with administrative duties and leadership has earned him the respect and loyalty of those he supervises in the Grounds department of Facilities Operations and Services.

“He leads by example while always stepping back enough to see and respond to the big picture,” said SUNY Cortland President Erik J. Dryja also commands admiration by the campus community for his outstanding job at overseeing a crew in beautifying the campus, maintaining its grounds and athletic fields to exceptionally high standards, and keeping wintry weather at bay around entrances and walkways. Sponsored by the College’s Human Resources Office, the ceremony was held in the Corey Union Function Room.

Dryja was honored with the prestigious 2016 President’s Award for Excellence in Classified Service. The award was created in 2002 to annually recognize one SUNY Cortland full-time classified service employee “for extraordinary achievement and to encourage the continuation of excellence.” Nominees must have at least three years of continuous service.

past midnight, and sometimes into the following morning.

“As Dan’s wife can attest only too well, Dan spends many sleep-interrupted and sleepless nights watching for overnight weather developments that might interrupt the movement of staff and students on campus.

“This was particularly challenging as Dan was short about a third of his staff most of the summer,” Horrocks noted.