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You may not believe it but, Neil was in of these lairs which they termed projects. The main lesson from this book is that your game can easily take you from the average frustrated chump to a pick-up artist and finally the pickup guru. Well, read this book to see what steps he went through and how he got to meet celebrities like Britney Spears, Heidi Fleiss, Tom Cruise and Courtney Love.

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It also highlights the achievements of the world’s greatest seducers like Cleopatra and Josephine Bonaparte and Andy Warhol.

By using the wits of these minds and others, you’ll learn how to get to the heart of that person you are into.

His technique allows you to overcome the guard shield used by women to overcome come-ons.

Through The Mystery Method, you’ll learn how to fake it just long enough to get her to bed.

After two successful dates, a kiss sealed the deal that the Hera Swim designer was definitely feeling the pro athlete."Coming into this I was nervous, but Michael's definitely making me feel comfortable," she admitted.

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