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2nd year dating anniversary gift ideas for him-16

My boy said he was about to call me up and demand to know who took these photos of me, but then he realized what it was and thought it was hilarious. haha In my “Open When You’re Mad At Me” envelope (which has not yet been opened, woohoo :p), I included a letter as well as a handful of kisses (of the chocolate variety). I know what you were thinking.” I also included a couple inside jokes on the inside of it.

Nothing like kisses and chocolate to mend a lovers spat ;). And last but certainly not least, this envelope took a LONG time and alot of planning but it was so worth it cause he loved it :).

In my “Open When You’re Stressed” envelope I included a letter along with a square of bubble wrap and instructions stapled on that say “For immediate stress relief: pop 3 capsules as needed. ” In my “Open When You Need To Smile” envelope I included a homemade card with a very beautiful and heartfelt poem on it: “Roses are red, But sometimes they’re thorny, When you’re around me I get sorta… For my “Open When You’re Bored” envelope I sent my man on a long distance scavenger hunt.

For a while I worked clues into letters/presents/postcards I sent him and by following the clues in this envelope he was able to find a hidden key that would unlock the box inside this envelope.

A cootie catcher would make a sweet addition to an “Open When You Need To Know How Much I Love You” envelope; include 8 sweet love notes (one under each flap).