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Weeks earlier, a photo Weiner sent to a woman had been discovered showing Weiner lying in bed with his toddler next to him.

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As a member of Congress, he gained notoriety as a feisty speaker on the House floor.

Now, as he begins his sentence, Weiner has lost his career and his wife, Huma Abedin, a top aide to Hillary Clinton who announced she would seek divorce after the latest sexting scandal.

Sixty percent of the time, that involves child pornography," Robert Lotter, developer of the “My Mobile Watchdog” software, told FOX40. “It's there, and it's there forever." Teens who say they've sexted, sent sexual images or video of themselves to someone else, frequently say they did it with a boyfriend or girlfriend.

For years, Lotter has been working on ways to shine a light in very dark corner of the smart phone industry - a dark corner where lots of kids are experimenting and exposing themselves. But the images don't necessarily stop circulating there.

And parents need to tell their kids that they're watching. K., you have go take this weekend class for two or three weekends and, by-the-way, you have to have your phone monitored for six months. That way, the choice for parents, principals, and police isn't either turning a blind eye, or turning a kid into a convict, for playing adult in a dangerous world.