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Nada más ni nada menos que un láser contra las adicciones, tabaco, alcohol y drogras, a lo que agregaban también comidas. When a laser therapist treats a patient suffering from addiction, a pointer-like wand will be placed on pressure points on the hands, face, and ears that have been determined to be beneficial for addiction. With nicotine, or even in the cases of drug, food, or alcohol use, removing the substance will deplete the receptor sites and consequently create cravings for whatever substance a person has ceased to ingest. Y se puso de pie, salió de la habitación aduciendo una llamada.

The light used on the designated pressure points can stimulate endorphins—the chemicals necessary to maintain a feeling of well-being, decrease stress, and reduce the need for what an addiction might help supply.

If the stimulation of endorphins is consistent, the cravings that are crucial to maintaining an addiction can be eliminated.

Light best for wound healing or superficial injuries, not deeper wounds.

Infrared Laser Probes Infrared laser probes are used with these qualifications: Light absorbed through the cell walls create a cell response that is more specific to wavelengths in the infrared range, and responds uniquely to each wavelength.

Energy therapy might also involve other forms such as magnetic, sound, or other variations.

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    Fox filed for divorce from husband Brian Austin Green this week citing “irreconcilable differences.” Sources tell People magazine, "Megan and Brian's split is a classic Hollywood story of two people in different stages of life and career." The insider added, "She was overwhelmed with the children and her husband's expectations, which got in the way of work responsibilities.

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