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Read more: Jacinda Ardern downplays impact of water tax As he held court standing in the rain under the cow - warning them to be just as dubious of National as Labour when it came to water "because they're just as bad as each other - the crowd started to jeer and heckle at him.

Afterwards Scott Smyth bailed him up about whether Peters would allow the proposed water taxes to go ahead if in coalition with Labour.

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Organiser, local farmer and Federated Farmers rep Andrew Mc Given told the crowd it was not a political rally but was aimed at giving the farmers the chance to rebut some of the accusations they felt had been levelled at them.

His fellow organiser Lloyd Downing said it was held under the Mega Cow to show the media what a cow actually looked like.

"I expect him to say what's he's likely to do, particularly if he goes with Labour which let's face it is something of a threat to us." Peters was not the only politician at the event - National MPs David Bennett, Louise Upston and Barbara Kuriger were there but did not speak.