Meddlers dating

We realized that there was an opportunity to help both single people and their married friends at the same time.” And I think many of our Starter Noise readers can relate to this very same situation—your friends generally know what’s best for you and love the opportunity to ‘meddle’ with your love life.

So why not give them an app that lets them do just that?

There's some swearing, including a use of "f--k," as well as a scene in which a character panics and ingests someone else's bag of pot so that police won't find it.

Other scenes have social drinking, allusions to sex (including a post-casual sex pregnancy scare), a very brief mention of abortion, and some pretty frank moments of self-reflection.

Would you download Meddle and let your friends take the wheel with your dating life? A visionary leader for Tulip Strategies, Sarah has a hawk’s eye for spotting upcoming trends and creating viral marketing campaigns.