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While this entry has not been classified as a part of the ‘Golden Age’ many gamers, myself included consider it to be the catalyst for what followed which should merit its place in the hall of fame.

Final Fantasy VII (1997) – Sony Play Station Even if you aren’t a fan of this series, or even a gamer for that matter, odds are you have still heard the name Like countless others this is where I started with the series and again like so many others this is the game that compelled me to go through the subsequent and even earlier titles.

Thanks to the capabilities of the Play Station 2 it was also the first installment in the series to feature voice acting which added more envelopment to the proceedings.

Final Fantasy VIII still sold well with just under 8 million copies shipping worldwide, enough to merit the series progressing further.

Regardless of the great divide in reception I picked this one up and remember enjoying it thoroughly, it was only in hindsight a few years later that I began to notice the inherent flaws in the plot and the characters.

The story of Final Fantasy VII and it’s cast of characters live on in the memories of gamers worldwide – it was a mature story that dealt with themes of spiritualism, corporate control of society, environmentalism, terrorism, and the prospect of a looming apocalypse. Because of the unprecedented success of Final Fantasy VII gamers purchased the next installment in their droves expecting the bar to be raised yet again, this was not to be however.

This was a game so good it didn’t merely raise the bar for the genre; it threw it into the stratosphere and is a standard Square Soft by their own admission have yet to best. truly is the ‘marmite’ of the series; you either loved it or you hated it – there was no middle ground and there still isn’t one today.

The series still has a place in my heart but like many other like-minded gamers I feel that the series has lost its’ way and I’m here to try discern where exactly things started going wrong.