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She is assumed to be a Directioner, because in random conversations or dreams, she brings up the band.

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She wears glasses in some episodes, suggesting she may be wearing contacts most of the time.

(Season 1-Present; Nanny; Best Friends) Emma and Jessie seem to have the closest relationship in the family, most likely because they are close in age.

It is for this that she is among the most popular kids at her school. She has long blonde hair that falls past her shoulders. She is very much into fashion and wears the latest trends, which are usually bright colors and girly.

For most of season 1-3, her hair was straight and she rarely curled it or put it up. On occasion, she wears a skirt or dress but tends to stick to jeans.

Although Emma gets mad at her often for not understanding her, she loves Jessie very much, as though she is her sister.