Updating sky box

updating sky box-70

I also noted that if you are checking hockey scores and the game is currently on, you can seamlessly switch channels to it from the app side bar.

That's about it so far, I will update after I play with it some more.

Since the launch of Freesat, UK Free TV has called the service you get with a Sky box and no viewing card (or an expired card) f Sf S (for Freesat from Sky). I have made a change to the name used for the service provided by a Sky box and no viewing card. You can get this service still - from: FREESAT from Sky - Call now to order for £175.

However, the name is a little confusing, because there is also the service freesat: freesat - Subscription free HD Satellite TV through a Digital Box.

With this system being IPTV, only the current channel can be rewound, and only as long as you are watching it. I noticed that when I changed to a show that was already 1/2 over, it popped up a notification asking if I wanted to watch it from the beginning.