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The ACT is governed by the Australian Federal Police; all airsoft guns that resemble semi-automatic or automatic military rifles or shotguns adapted for military purpose are considered prohibited weapons, as are an imitation or replica of any firearm (including an imitation or replica pistol, shortened firearm, machine gun or submachine gun) unless it is of a type approved by the Registrar.

It has previously been established that an airsoft gun would be categorized as an air rifle or air pistol for which a Category A (air rifle) or Category H (air pistol) firearms licence would be required.

However the Firearms Act does not provide for an appropriate "genuine reason" to possess a firearm for airsoft activities, therefore an airsoft gun would not be able to be registered in Tasmania as the applicant could not provide a satisfactory reason for wanting to own and possess the firearm.

Also when carrying/transporting airsoft replicas, a plausible explanation has to be given when asked by law enforcement authorities.

Also due to strict environmental laws, it is mandatory to use bio-degradable BB's.

However, if a weapon is shorter than 60 cm, or has a barrel shorter than 30 cm and shoots 7.5 joules of energy (0.20g pellet travelling at 273.9 m/s or 898.5 ft/s) or above (measured 2.5 meters from the muzzle), it is classified as a firearm and needs registration.

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