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Of course this can be costly and take up massive amounts of desktop space. Today you have the option to create a virtual machine within your Macintosh to run other operating systems, such as Microsoft Windows.

So the advantages are less hardware to maintain and the ability to run software not natively available for Apple’s mac OS.

I'm helping a less-technical friend with an issue on her older Thinkpad, which she was given by a boss.

Before I ask any specific questions though, I obviously need to know which model she has so that I can post to the right category.

The 64-bit version is available and is perfectly fine to use.

If you have an existing real machine running Windows, it is possible to migrate your Windows software AND Quicken all at once. Once you get the operating system installed, as with any Windows computer, make sure you have antivirus software installed. VMware Fusion includes Mc Afee Antivirus Plus for free, but in my opinion it isn’t as good and is more intrusive.

These steps apply not only to Quicken for Windows but really to any Windows-based program you wish to run on a Mac.

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