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As of 2014, the Amish have set up shop in 30 states (plus Ontario), from traditional strongholds such as Pennsylvania and Indiana to more recent communities in Colorado, Maine, and Tennessee.

While some Amish communities are home to thousands of people, Amish preserve a close-knit society by intentionally keeping their church communities small.

Church districts, typically of 25-35 families, are geographically-based areas comprising neighbors who worship together on a bi-weekly basis.

As general society changes and the Amish evolve while striving to preserve tradition, the Amish of 2050 will likely look different than their counterparts of today–though it’s hard to say by how much.

The Christmas and New Years hangovers have finally subsided and we got our throbbing heads together to bring you something new.

Amish have flocked to New York in droves in recent years, with ten new settlements appearing in just the past three years.

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