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George Stanley Mc Govern (July 19, 1922 – October 21, 2012) was an American historian, author, U. After the war he gained degrees from Dakota Wesleyan University and Northwestern University, culminating in a Ph D, and was a history professor. He became most known for his outspoken opposition to the growing U. The Mc Govern–Hatfield Amendment sought to end the Vietnam War by legislative means but was defeated in 19.

Mc Govern grew up in Mitchell, South Dakota, where he was a renowned debater. Among the medals bestowed upon him was a Distinguished Flying Cross for making a hazardous emergency landing of his damaged plane and saving his crew. House of Representatives in 1956 and re-elected in 1958. As a senator, Mc Govern was an exemplar of modern American liberalism. He staged a brief nomination run in the 1968 presidential election as a stand-in for the assassinated Robert F. The subsequent Mc Govern–Fraser Commission fundamentally altered the presidential nominating process, by greatly increasing the number of caucuses and primaries and reducing the influence of party insiders.

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On a December 20 mission against the Škoda Works at Pilsen, Czechoslovakia, Mc Govern's plane had one engine out and another in flames after being hit by flak.

Unable to return to Italy, Mc Govern flew to a British airfield on Vis, a small island in the Adriatic Sea off the Yugoslav coast that was controlled by Josip Broz Tito's Partisans.

Mc Govern recalled: "Frankly, I was scared to death on that first solo flight.

But when I walked away from it, I had an enormous feeling of satisfaction that I had taken the thing off the ground and landed it without tearing the wings off." In late 1940 or early 1941, Mc Govern had a brief affair with an acquaintance that resulted in her giving birth to a daughter during 1941, although this did not become public knowledge during his lifetime.

In the general election Mc Govern lost to incumbent Richard Nixon in one of the biggest landslides in American electoral history.