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Nicole Murray-Ramirez [1997]: He was openly gay in high school and very flamboyant …Today, the journalist and activist still remembers Cunanan as the young man who didn't have a job, but was a big spender and an even bigger talker. Richard Schlesinger: When you looked at that face, what did your gut tell you? But this was not the outcome Michael Williams hoped for. Tim Gunn: That he's fully imbedded in our society and culture and has a -- has a profound legacy. But then you got David and Lee Miglin and William Reese and Gianni Versace …

When "48 Hours" first spoke to Nicole Murray-Ramirez in 1997, he knew Andrew Cunanan. Michael Williams | Jeff Trail's friend: There was a sense of relief. Says Tim Gunn: "One of the most iconic Versace pieces was the gown he made for Elizabeth Hurley. I mean, he took her from trashy to sophisticated."the designer in one of his songs, "Versace on the Floor."Richard Schlesinger: If guys like Bruno Mars are singing about Gianni Versace 20 years after his death, what, in your mind, does that say about Gianni Versace? …you know if it was just Jeff being killed, it would be one thing.

" Lazaro Quintana [Walking with Schlesinger]: He makes a left turn. He fled the country leaving his family abandoned and broke. As Band waited, an expert at the scene compared fingerprints from the corpse with Cunanan's. And he says, "It's him." It turned out Cunanan shot himself with the same gun he used to kill Gianni Versace, William Reese and David Madson; the gun he had taken from his friend and first victim, Jeff Trail. From left, Elizabeth Hurley, Princess Diana and Courtney Love wearing designs by Gianni Versace. Princess Diana wanted a whole new 'look' for the world and Courtney Love did also.

A year after Andrew's high school graduation, his father was facing embezzlement charges. …Was this just some sorta serendipitous, unfortunate occasion where just two lives intersected at … There is a flamboyance that is contained, and controlled.

Was Versace's death a targeted hit or simply a random killing? Versace was world famous and well loved in Miami Beach. Carlos Noriega: One of the first motives that we -- we felt-- was a possibility, was … Lazaro Quintana: And then Antonio came and he's crying and … I mean I can't imagine what the connection was there. As Gianni Versace was in Europe working on what would be his final collection, Andrew Cunanan was the focus of a nationwide manhunt. …from a behavioral standpoint, that makes him more dangerous. Richard Schlesinger: When you had heard that he had done it again, do you remember how you felt? "Carlos Noriega: There's no question that he knew that we were hot on his trail.

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