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After much speculation about his sexual orientation, DJ Vlad gets to the bottom of the weirdest character in Hip-Hop’s recent memory as Young Thug sits down with Jerrika Karlae to chat about their upcoming nuptials.Without a Metro Boomin or Mike Wi LL beat in earshot, Thugga Thugga whispered to the camera, “It was love at first sight.” The two appear amorous on camera as they discuss trust issues, wardrobe for the wedding and even what happens in the studio where the ATLien records those psychotic quips by the hundred with the likes of RHQ and friends.Funmi's clothes were torn as she was brutally beaten by Mr.

Two cops in Argentina were caught on video during their hot pursuit – as they had sex in their patrol car while ignoring a radio call about a robbery, according to a report.

The female officer in Rosario is seen performing a sex act on her partner while a dispatcher alerts them to a robbery, the Mirror of the UK reported.

Nova generacija MAXtv televizije postavlja novi standard u iskustvu konzumacije TV sadržaja.

Televizija je interaktivna, sve njene funkcionalnosti integrirane su na mobitelima, a novo sučelje korisnicima nudi jedinstveno TV iskustvo u potpunosti prilagođeno njihovim navikama.

Nadia Murad Basee Taha pleaded with the UN to “get rid of ISIS completely” after was abducted from her home in Iraq and subjected to horrific abuse at the hands of the sick terror fanatics. She said: “The man who took me asked me to change religion. Then, he asked for my hand in marriage, so to speak.“That night he beat me. He put me in a room with the guards and then they proceeded to commit their crime until I fainted.”Taha went on to demand action from the UN, saying: “I implore you, get rid of Daesh [ISIS] completely.”After three months of horror Taha was able to escape to Germany – however it was too late for her brothers, who were killed by ISIS fighters.