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For example, e-Classifieds is the only classifieds solution that contains our patent pending, seamlessly integrated, one-click credit card processing that doesn't force your users to leave your site and that ensures payment.

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Community web dating software

In addition to our full range of general purpose classified ads software programs, we also offer specialty products for employment sites, matchmaking sites, vehicles sites, and real estate sites.

Our general purpose classified ads software programs can also be customized for these purposes, or for other common uses such as for horse, boating, or pets classifieds, and more.

Moreover, since e-Classifieds is the only classified ads system in the world that allows you to create unique databases for each category, as well as to create true range searching on your specified fields, you could create unique databases for a horse site that include fields such as hands or breed.

You could specify the "hands" field to allow users to search within a range of sizes, and to allow users to select more than one breed from the "breeds" menu.

Once the domain has been registered or transferred, you can then access the same application using that domain name, and the software will automatically recognize this and adjust accordingly, so that all data, system settings, e-mails, RSS feeds, or other messages and displays that are created by the application will automatically update themselves to reference your domain name.

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