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"Sanity Check" thread closed, so new thread with questions.

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EDIT 19Aug:-From my experience and others, 1.65 will only work on a Core 2 Duo PC.-New CS 1.20 (RC13) worked fine on my P4 Springdale PC. Image of successful 1.20 card read: New CS 1.66 onwards only Linux OS is supported. Install is as simple as copying these files to the DVBviewer Plugins directory. This gives me 6 (potentially 7) tuners available in 7MC. Given your data path info I'll update the drawing as well.

ADDITION 04Sep:- For a how-to and tips for getting New CS working as a Linux Guest in a Win7 (Host) Virtual Box see here: 27Oct: Consensus is that 17xx cards cannot be read by New CS. forumid=84&topicid=42614- ACamd v0603 is a that lives in the DVBviewer Plugin directory. Note: will need to be modified to match Link: In the Acamd you really only need the last line (without the # at the start) Naturally you need to change the username and password in each DVBViewer instance, for each user you setup that accesses New CS. You can find that when you get New CS to work properly - ie if it can talk to the card properly it will return a line with something like the one below:- BSE/tool is a W7MC (Win7 Media Centre) EPG (Electronic Progam Guide) conversion tool for converting a xmltv file into a file that W7MC can use. It is very powerful with some nice tools (ie: reset W7MC to first-time condition). If everything goes through DVBLink you limit yourself to 4 tuners only. Funny I understood this path when I was reading the threads, but forgot when created the drawing!

It can be connected directly to the COM on motherboard (W7 COM driver - on default settings) or via a PCI Sunix COM card (although the Sunix will use up a PCI slot).

Latest posts suggest either COM solution works ok, but users have reported problems with the "Card Detect" physical switch/detect flag, a signal that is sent to New CS.

You may need to search the DVBLink forums to eliminate some of the "tuner errors" you can get. I think it reads a config file called 'cardclient.conf' ??? Is install as simple as copying these files to the DVBviwer plugin directory ??? 1st try -No card reset passed through..."Reset Failed"*Tried the pull out 1mm trick and got varying results as the reader mechanism my kit came with is a bit of an all-or-nothing device.*Carried out the invert card detect mod.*Carried out the schottky diode mod.2nd try - New CS gets as far as passing the reset (I think) and then the application hangs and asks if I want to send an error report to MS, also 3 log files are produced.