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150227 480p Aspect Ratio Concern - Most 808 480p cameras have a 640x480 image sensor (aspect ratio 1.33) but the record AVI video file is scaled to 720x480 (1.5). Use Crystal Disk Mark to measure the 512K random write speed and if it is less than 1.0MBps, don't use it.

For objects in the video to be played at the correct aspect ratio, the AVI file must be scaled to aspect ratio 1.33, i.e. #16 (starting at US$37) seems to be the best 720p version. A 512K random write speed of 1.5MBps is recommended.

Buy an 808 from a seller who lists the version number. If a camera is sold as 720p and takes 720p video, but has a 480p image sensor, it's a fake. : 808 size, 20 gram class, H264 and H265, Full HD 1080p, 30fps, power consumption a bit less than #16, records 80 minutes of video, same battery as #16, great image quality considering the low weight and size. Marketing pressure to falsify a high resolution by up-scaling images, increasing the data streams with no increase in quality.

Otherwise you might get anything, even the worst version. You must supply your own micro SD or micro SDHC card, class 4 or faster. Quality can be dependent on the camera version, and the quality of the SD (SD or SDHC) flash memory card.

I ordered one and received an 808 #25, a low quality MJPEG camera. I submitted a "not as described" dispute at e Bay and got a full refund from the seller. The overrun might cause an increased missing frame rate or other problem.