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Regardless of historical veracity, they have taken on the mantle of historical truth in the minds of quite a few romantics.Many tend to take umbrage at historical researchers who, often in an attempt to authenticate the legends, fail to substantiate what is popularly believed to be part of the area's colorful history.

Rather, it is admittedly friendly to the long maligned couple.

Knowing of my Potts family connections, and having grown up hearing of the Legend of Billy Potts, I'd often wondered whether I might be a descendent of the legendary Billy.

Quite understandably many in the Potts family would prefer that the Potts Inn legends simply be forgotten. Unfortunately, the likelihood of any authoritative account surfacing becomes less likely as time goes on.

It remains for those of us lacking family traditions in the matter to attempt to put those legends into plausible historical context in light of the scant evidence available.

My father, though uninterested in family genealogy, had read enough American history to know that General Washington had made his headquarters in the house owned by Isaac Potts during that difficult winter of 1777-78 at Valley Forge.