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Processes for agency recruits, seabased workers, low-skilled workers, and household service workers may be different.

As we aren’t experts on this subject, kindly consult Pinoy forums specific to the particular countries and industries where you are employed or wish to be employed if you have any particular situations to discuss.

Our government is very strict and monitors travellers in order to protect us from possible human trafficking.

That’s the Philippine immigration’s main reason why some passengers are offloaded.

(I surrendered my old ID bearing my maiden name and kept the one with my married name.

I resigned at work 23 days before our flight.) 🙂 I also booked a flight Sunday night, or after office hours, just to be sure that there’s no reason for them to call our company. The travel agent who got us our visas is also the one who purchased our ticket to Dubai (DXB).

You’ll need to spend a little more if you plan to do this because you need to book two flights. HK – DXB – Mla, you’ll be needing a dummy ticket to Manila since you are on tourist visa.