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She’s so different to the stereotypical bisexual image. (Though this of course may change in later episodes, but I hope not!

) The final reason is that in 2012, Gillian Anderson chose to share with Out magazine that she that she was in a relationship with a girl in high school and that she has had relationships with other women.

As far as she’s concerned, that’s something she shouldn’t have to check and if someone is cheating, that’s their issue to sort out not hers.

She will also have sex with who she wants to, and the show highlights that as a woman, society will judge her much more harshly for it than they will their male counterparts.

She is also assertive in correcting interviewers’ false assumptions about her character and about the way that sex and violence is portrayed on the show. The fact that Stella had a one night stand and was going to take Reed back to her hotel room would make her a greedy, slutty bisexual to some.