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Net Question Answer site, specially started to allow visitors of this site ask their doubts and queries. Just click the Ask Now button and ask your question now.If the same window will be used for the form to update a record and add a record, then the Accept button will be the single button to start the task.So in order for the code above to work and just for the simplicity of this demo, I remove the relationships to the table that referenced it.

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Ensure that you set all object properties that are required by the underlying table definition. Save Changes(); inserts, updates, or deletes rows in the underlying Gem Fire XD table depending on how you have modified entities in the context.

var context = new Student Entities(); STUDENT student1 = new STUDENT ; context. Add Object(student1); STUDENT student2 = new STUDENT ; context. Add Object(student2); STUDENT student3 = new STUDENT ; context. Add Object(student3); STUDENT student4 = new STUDENT ; context. Updates are performed by first querying the context and then modifying one or more properties of the returned entities before saving the context.

As you can see, the code above is very straight forward and self explanatory.

What happened there is we created a new instance of the Data Context and then we query the Customer object based on the ID using the LINQ syntax and passed it in a variable customer.

, which you can then use to create a query using LINQ to Entities.