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DUP and Sinn Fein leaders both insisted yesterday that good progress had been made in the talks to restore power-sharing.

I know the name of my road, I know where I am going when I go up it.”He added: “I would take the sign down.

It wouldn’t be lawful and I think that is the notice that has to go out because there will be resentment to this and there will be people who will feel as I do, don’t want to break laws, never been in trouble in their lives before but actually want to take a stand.”Mr Mc Narry said such signage would be about changing the culture of Northern Ireland from a “British dimension to a covert Irish dimension”.

There was speculation over the weekend that three pieces of legislation, an Irish language act, an Ulster Scots act and a broader culture act, could be a means to satisfy both sides.

Northern Ireland has been without a functioning government since January 2017 and several rounds of talks to resolve the crisis have failed.

The Prime Minister described her discussions with the parties as “full and frank” and was optimistic about progress.