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Elsie Cresswell-Plant (born on March 8 1919) was a British Public Servant and Activist who was the first unmarried mother to be permitted to remain in the British Home Civil Service.

After her retirement, she was a champion of Minority Rights causes.

Prior to her retirement, a change in the law had allowed women to adopt the neutral style "Ms." - except in the Civil Service; she sent each Tax Return back uncompleted & with her marital style crossed out and replaced with "Ms."! Elsie Cresswell-Plant is also believed to have been the first junior female member of the British Home Civil Service to be accorded a large-scale temporary promotion and near-plenipotentiary powers in mainland U. Get the next train, we'll send your luggage tonight! Elsie Cresswell-Plant died of cancer in 1993 I bet you are dying to create your obit for free just like this celebrity.

If there are any problems - or you need anything or anyone - just pick up the phone!

She was the second - and only surviving - child (both female) of John Cresswell and Elsie May Arnold. This brought her into contact with Senior Management for the first time. This was routine Civil Service work, including some temporary specialisation, broken with one or two minor secondments to other Departments.