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Historic accounts suggest that the city was hit by a tsunami on July 21 in 365 AD, a theory that has been confirmed by the new findings.'It's a major discovery,' Mounir Fantar, the head of a Tunisian-Italian archaeological mission which made the find off the coast of Nabeul, told AFP.He told the Bee that Rouin portrayed his situation as: 'I am the immigrant. After the divorce was finalized in December 2016, the father did not get to live with the children or get the custody he was seeking.

Scroll down for video Neapolis, which means 'new city' in Greek, is an ancient city with remains scattered across the coastal Tunisian town of Nabeul.

Nabuel is an Arabian settlement built on top of Neapolis as the old city was crumbling.

Yet early indications are suggesting that he may escape prosecution following the minister's comments which seemed to shift the blame to the family and hinted that he would 'no measures against the caretaker were needed' according to AFP. When I imagine my daughter, who weighs 10 kilos, in the hands -- and on several occasions -- of this 55-year-old caretaker, I have only one wish, to die,' the father of the victim told the French news wire.

Vast underwater ruins from an ancient Roman city have been discovered off northeast Tunisia.

Police have not yet released the causes of death, but said that the girls and the father did not have visible gunshot or knife wounds. Azeez, the senior imam of the Roseville Tarbiya Institute, told the Sacramento Bee that he had counseled the father, a Tunisian immigrant who struggled in the US, and his ex-wife, a convert to Islam.