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Eminem empties a water bottle on the heads of the audience, drops his pants, waves his middle finger around, and the show is over.

In fact, the filthier the material, the louder the cheers.

On Eminem says, "God sent me to piss the world off." Interscope Records is Em's label — a perfect fit for a company that's home to controversial artists like the late Tupac Shakur and Marilyn Manson.

The crew (nine, including DJ Stretch Armstrong and Dennis the security guard) ambles toward the elevator.

Downstairs awaits Eminem's partner in rap, Royce the 5'9", who looks to be about that and has seven people of his own in tow.

Eminem has similarly conquered MTV: Since the January release of the wise-ass video for "My Name Is," he has been on the network more than Carson Daly.